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The Design Process

I am available for hire for graphic design work and to create custom websites. The most common freelance work I receive is for custom websites and logos, so I have outlined the processes below. I use PayPal to accept payments for freelance work.

Reviews can take place in person, over the phone, or through Email, Skype, or Facetime.

I have created each process to make sure I meet and exceed my clients' expectations!

Custom Websites

2 weeks later

2 weeks later

2 weeks later

1st Review

Discuss ideas and requirements for the website. We will also review a few different website styles & configurations to establish likes & dislikes.

2nd Review

I will present 3 different versions of the prototype website to the client. The prototype websites will have limited functionality. The main differences between the versions will be aesthetic (colors/content layouts).

3rd Review

Client reviews the final prototype website. The client will have one week following the meeting to submit all final desired changes.

Final Review

The website will be complete. Will review website functionality with the client to ensure clear understanding if needed.

Custom Logos

1 week later

1 week later

1st Review

Discuss different ideas and requirements for the logo. We will try to establish likes & dislikes. 

2nd Review

I will present 3 different prototype logos to the client. The client will give positives and negatives of each design. I will try to combine all the positives into the final version of the logo.

Final Review

Client receives the final logo. The client will receive all photoshop/illustrator files and high quality PNG files. Client will also decide if they would like a signed high-quality print, drawing, or painting of their logo in the mail for an extra fee.

Custom Logo Pricing Options


This option is for a very basic logo. Simple logos are timeless and work great across all platforms.


This option is for a moderately detailed logo. This is the most commonly chosen option.

Very Detailed

This option is for a very detailed logo. An ornate logo draws attention and helps sell apparel. 

TDP 2 Logos

Prints, Packaging, and Other Projects

Contact me below for an estimate or job proposition and I will respond within 48 hours.

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