The Design Process

I am available for hire for graphic design work and to create custom websites. The most common freelance work I receive is for custom websites and logos, so I have outlined the processes below. I use PayPal to accept payments for freelance work.

Reviews can take place in person, over the phone, or through Email, Skype, or Facetime.

I have created each process to make sure I meet and exceed my clients' expectations!

Custom Websites

Custom Logos

1 week later

1 week later

1st Review

Discuss different ideas and requirements for the logo. We will try to establish likes & dislikes. 

2nd Review

I will present 3 different prototype logos to the client. The client will give positives and negatives of each design. I will try to combine all the positives into the final version of the logo.

Final Review

Client receives the final logo. The client will receive all photoshop/illustrator files and high quality PNG files. Client will also decide if they would like a signed high-quality print, drawing, or painting of their logo in the mail for an extra fee.

Custom Logo Pricing Options


This option is for a very basic logo. Simple logos are timeless and work great across all platforms.


This option is for a moderately detailed logo. This is the most commonly chosen option.

Very Detailed

This option is for a very detailed logo. An ornate logo draws attention and helps sell apparel. 


Prints, Packaging, and Other Projects

Contact me below for an estimate or job proposition and I will respond within 48 hours.

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